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Welcome to our new forum board

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Hello and welcome to our new forum board :)

It's a long time since playtrivia has had a forum board but thanks to Preacher we now have one up and running for all trivia players to use. It is a place where you can share ideas, discuss trivia, chat about things you have done, for example hobbies, trips out, good recipes... in fact you can share anything you like with other trivia minded people but I would ask you to please keep it clean. I will be keeping an eye on posters and what is written with the hope that I won't have to delete any!!

This is a great opportunity to bond together and create a trivia community - any idea you have for new forums, just let me know and we will try and incorporate them

All in all enjoy your new forum... join in and create posts... make it your own

Once again welcome and thank you Preacher for making this possible

*~*~* The power of love is greater than the love of power *~*~*

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