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Welcome to the new forums

Post by preacher »

Welcome to the new Play Trivia Forums.

Please do register, it only takes a couple of minutes, and requires you just to know one thing the name of the bot that asks the question from any of our trivia channels. It would be good to use the same username as the nick you use on the channel.

(please DO NOT use your email as your username)

You will then need to confirm your email and you are good to go! (please note that until you have posted a few times in the forums options like PMs will be unavailable)

This forum can only be used for posting notices by PlayTrivia Staff.
You can add topics and post in any of the other forums.

Happy Trivialling (is that a word :?: )

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Re: Welcome to the new forums

Post by Swift »

Thank you Preacher for that post and a very big thank you for making this forum happen

We havn't had a forum for many years now and I , for one, have missed it. I am hoping that our trivia friends from both rooms will use this platform for a bit of fun. All I ask is that they keep everything clean and friendly like we wish for our trivia rooms :D

I quite like your word trivialling :D - i think we should submit it to the little Oxford Dictionary :lol:
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