A humble experience

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A humble experience

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Many years ago, when my daughter was a youngster, I used to go to her swimming gala every year.. all the children who took part were disabled in some way or another and one particular gala inspired me to write this verse... now I am no writer, and I have never written anything since, but the courage and determination of those children that day enabled me to write these words. Hope you like it :)

I saw a child who could not speak
I saw a child who could not hear
Another who could make no steps
And none of them showed fear

Their courage shone like diamonds bright
And made me feel so humble
These children who loved life so much
And were never heard to grumble

Their effort was so very great
Their love of life so plain
Their gala coming to an end
All winners once again!

*~*~* The power of love is greater than the love of power *~*~*

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